About Soo

Sue Harris

Living in beautiful South Wales I have been Soo since my Lancastrian school days. There were so many of us named Susan that I wanted to be a little different. It makes me smile when folks say they have soo much fun when they are really enjoying themselves! My mum was a dressmaking teacher and still enjoys hand embroidery. Learning from her I can't remember a time when I could not sew. I love lots of different handcrafts; knitting, crochet, bobbin lace, weaving, tapestry, hand embroidery, bag making and lots more! Recently I bought an embroidery machine and it has become my passion! There are wonderful designers I can buy patterns from. Free standing lace, applique, quilting, almost any style of embroidery on almost any medium even balsa wood and leather, wonderful silk and organza. Getting to grips with the latest digital software has enabled me to create my own designs as well. I love being able to personalise gifts to make people happy and smile. My most unusual orders include a Christmas stocking for a chicken, a logo of a unicycling, juggling elephant and a knife throwing dragon! I hope you like what I have chosen for my web site. There will be new, often seasonal gifts all the time. Liking and following me on Facebook and Twitter is a great way of keeping up to date. If you have any ideas you would like turned into keepsakes let me know via my email [email protected] Nothing is too crazy! 

I would soo like to help you!